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    Jeffrey company automatic smoke exhaust heat system

    Automatic smoke exhaust and heat exhaust system is a new concept developed in the world, that is, when a fire produces smoke and heat, it opens the exhaust window automatically. As the fire protection requirements of modern building materials are increasingly comprehensive, the fire retardancy of materials has been precisely defined in terms of flame retardancy. In the past, smoke and harmful substances contained in the fire would cause more direct harm to human beings. Or harmful smoke prevents active life-saving behavior and passive escape behavior.


    It can be seen from the study of the development process of fire that a large amount of smoke and heat energy are produced at the beginning of the fire. Smoke rises and accumulates in the upper part of buildings because of heat. If smoke and heat can't be discharged quickly, the temperature in the building will rise quickly, and then the fire will increase. In addition, when a fire occurs, a large amount of oxygen consumption in the building will cause a strong negative pressure in the building, leading to the collapse of the building.

    There are two kinds of automatic control system for electric window opener. Jeffrey's automatic smoke exhaust and heat exhaust control system can be connected with the meteorological control system. According to the measured temperature, humidity, sunshine, wind intensity, rainfall value, and compared with the pre-set value, thus automatically open and close the window.

    Jeffrey's automatic smoke exhaust and heat exhaust control system is characterized by an independent fire-fighting electrical control device (fire-fighting electric window lifter control equipment) JFR001 as the center, on the one hand to provide the driving power of the electric window opener, on the other hand to connect various control units, such as manual smoke exhaust and heat exhaust button, smoke sensor, ventilation button, wind and rain sensor control. Apparatus and so on. Especially important is that the control box can be connected with the modern fire center, accept the fire center window opening and closing instructions, while the window opener system state (normal system, alarm, system failure) to the fire center. Therefore, the system can not only carry out daily ventilation function, but also carry out smoke exhaust and heat exhaust function in emergency.

    A simple electric window opener is equipped with drive motors and switches for mechanically opened windows. There are gear rack window opener and chain window opener. However, from the point of view of product stability and service life, window drive needs to be dust-proof, moisture-proof, and even waterproof. Dust can cause the window opener to wear, and water will rust the window opener. Water will make the window opener short. Condensation caused by indoor relative humidity changes is particularly common in buildings with poor insulation or large indoor environment changes, especially in greenhouse buildings.

    A thorough and thorough analysis and understanding of the environmental conditions in which the window opener is used is essential to the choice of which window driver to use. Jeffrey develops an electric window opener with world-class standards for dust-proof, moisture proof and waterproofing. This window opener has a thrust of up to 1000 newtons, with low noise and low power consumption. The selection of window opener must also pay attention to the simplicity of installation, because the installation conditions on the construction site may be very limited. So Jeffrey will customize the window opener according to each project. Jeffrey electric window opener is currently the best window opener on the market.